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In our effort to make your experience more seamless and to provide you the upmost in team based care we offer, care coordination through every facet of your visit.

We believe the road to achieving this as your health care team is through:


  • providing good communication and effective care plan transitions between providers

  • a focus on the total health care needs of you the patient 

  • clear and simple information that you can understand and;

  • the active engagement of you the patient in your healthcare needs.


Our approach emphasizes developing long-term relationships with patients and providing synchronized easy access to a range of health care services and providers through co-management agreements and referrals both in our office and throughout our area. 


Meet our Coastal Carolina Family Practice
Care Coordinators: 

Amber Meads, CMA

Referral Specialist

Amber is a Certified Medical Assistant and is responsible for ensuring care coordination for our patients throughout our referral network.


Candace Davenport, LPN

Patient Care Specialist

Candace is our head nurse and patient care specialist. She works one-on-one with our patient base to provide care management and continued coordination of care.


Lois Byrum,RN

Diabetic Educator/Nutritional Specialist

Lois joins us from Vidant Chowan. As a Certified Diabetic Educator, Lois provides essential patient education and tools to our diabetic population. 


Debra Minor-Schork, RN/CNS

Behavioral Health Specialist 

Debra Minor-Schork joins us as a private practice behavioral health specialist. She provides much needed behavoral health care coordination to our patient base. 

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